Can You Use Fabric Paint On Paper Crafts? (The Most Comprehensive Answer)

Fabrics are the perfect canvas for artists to work on since they are durable and flexible. Fabric painting enables you to express yourself as an artist and a textile designer. You will be amazed when you see how easy it is to make something unique using fabric paint.

But, can you use fabric paint on paper crafts?

Yes, technically you can use fabric paint on paper crafts, but it will take a lot of time. However, you can save time by using premium quality fabric paint that dries fast on paper. It not only makes the process faster but also produces great results.

Can You Use Fabric Paint On Paper Crafts
Can You Use Fabric Paint On Paper Crafts?

Fabric painting is an enthralling activity and passion that may be pursued to a high level. It is a commercial endeavor for which certain specialists are well-versed. Although it may seem challenging, it’s rather pleasurable and refreshing. It’s quite worth the effort.

Can You Use Fabric Paint On Paper Crafts?

Fabric paint on paper craft is a possibility. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Fabric paint is not made for paper for obvious reasons. If you try to paint on paper crafts with it, then it will consume a lot of your precious time.

However, if you wanna save your time, then you will have to use the most excellent quality tools combined with premium quality fabric paint to apply on your paper craft. It makes the process simpler and more pleasurable, and produces the best result.

In that case, the medium helps it adhere to fabric fibers and remains flexible after drying. Depending on how thickly you apply the fabric paint, it will dry in 12 to 36 hours. Fabric paints that dry quickly might help you save time.

What Paint Can You Use On Paper?

You may use a variety of paints and yet get excellent results. It is highly suggested to choose Acrylic Paint or Poster Paints since they are both simple to use.

What Is The Difference Between Craft Paint And Fabric Paint?

Even though both types of paints play the role of filling colors, yet they are very much different.

Craft paints

Craft paints made of acrylic or enamel are available. Some may be removed off clothing and skin with a damp cloth, while others are more permanent.

The materials used to make them might be water or oil.

Oil-based paints are thicker and more durable than water-based paints. They may be washed more easily and diluted to create a thinner coating.

Artist-grade acrylics include more pigment and less water than craft paints. Craft paints are often tints and shades. When they are combined with artist acrylics, they are more likely to produce muddy hues.

Craft paints
Craft paints

 Fabric Paint

More often referred to as textile paint, Fabric paint is generally made of an acrylic polymer. Acrylic emulsion renders the colour  after being emulsified with a pigment.

It is durable to constant use, numerous washings, and exposure to direct sunlight. Art quilters employ the technique of fabric paint. It is to create or enhance their quilt patterns.

It might be wet or dry when painting on fabric, and the effects will vary.

Fabric Paint
 Fabric Paint

Benefits of Craft paints

  •  Dries shortly.
  • It’s adaptable.
  • It’s a water-soluble substance.
  • Safer for kids and pets to use.
  • It is less expensive.
  • It’s long-lasting.

Benefits of Fabric paints

  • It has a higher pigment content.
  • It is much less challenging than acrylic paint or fabric dye.
  • It is non-toxic.

Do Fabric Paints Work On Paper?

Yes. Approaching paper in the same manner as a blank canvas can result in excellent results. Size matters greatly since it helps seal the fibers and prevents oils from entering.

Some Points To Remember While Using Fabric Paint On Paper Crafts

The fabric paint you choose will determine your preparations. These directions are the most acceptable source of information, for that particular brand. For the precise practices, it is required.

Fabric Paint On Paper Crafts
Some Points To Remember While Using Fabric Paint On Paper Crafts
  • You’ll want to have a clean papercraft for it. Additionally, set up a tidy workplace for yourself in the area.
  • While your standard acrylic brushes, such as round and flat brushes, would suffice. You may want to experiment with other tools as well.
  • It may help you avoid expensive errors while working on fabric scraps. It could be done while sketching ahead of time.
  • As with any other work of art, preparing your design and approach in advance is critical.
  • You may also use light coats of paint to sketch out your design on the cloth ahead of time. Then, much as you would when drawing on paper or canvas, apply paint and details onto  your sketch.
  • Fabric painting is done in various ways. Including free-hand acrylic painting, stencils, blocking and stamping, wet painting, and spray painting. It helps you understand how much paint you can layer. Tells how much control you’ll have over it, and what type of shading will make your drawings shine.
  • With practice, you can learn the method of how to get the visual effect you wish with your artwork. You can do so by experimenting with scraps and bits of cloth.
  • It is critical to allow the painted cloth to dry thoroughly before moving or adjusting it. If you painted the fabric while it was still wet or applied many layers of paint, this might take a long time. Drying time is also vital to consider for those who want to flip the textile or garment and paint on the other side.

What Materials Does Fabric Paint Work On?

You’ll want to iron the cloth once it’s been washed and dried. Wrinkles will complicate the process of painting your patterns. Additionally, set up a tidy workplace for yourself in the area.

Make sure to provide a barrier between the various layers of cloth while painting. If the fabric has a front and back, sandwich the two layers with a barrier to keep the paint from seeping through.

Keep in mind that certain paints and dyes work better on moist textiles. So you’ll have to deal with damp surfaces.

Does Fabric Paint Work On Cardboard?

Does Fabric Paint Work On Cardboard
Does Fabric Paint Work On Cardboard?

The most common paints used on cardboard are liquid acrylic craft paints. When acrylic art paints are allowed to dry on cloth, they become permanent. There are gloss, semi-gloss, and flat paints to choose from. Latex interior wall paints that have been left over may be utilized on cardboard.

How long does fabric paint take to dry on paper?

The fabric paint will take around 12 to 36 hours, depending on how thickly you apply it. With quick-drying fabric paints, this time may be cut in half.

Can You Make Fabric Paint Dry Faster?

It may take a long time for the cloth to dry once you’ve coated it with paint. In rare situations, it might take a whole day to dry and three days to cure entirely. Place the project piece in the sun on a dry, warm day to speed up the drying process. Or you can heat the fabric with a low-heat hair dryer.

How do you set fabric paint?

An iron can be used to heat set cloth paint. Your clothes will determine the setting you choose for your project. Iron the front of the pattern for two to five minutes using a clean, dry pressing cloth. Neither the steam setting nor any moisture should be used.

Does fabric paint wash off?

As long as you use fabric paint instead of regular paint and wait until it’s entirely dried before moving on. It’s a good idea to flip the garment inside out and hang it to dry (as opposed to inside a clothes dryer). I painted my top using fabric paint, let it dry, heat-sealed it, and then washed it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can you use fabric paint on other surfaces?

Fabric paint may be applied on cotton, denim, and silk, all-natural materials. Cotton and polyester may also be mixed. White fabric is the way to go if you want the actual color of the fabric paint.

Does fabric paint dry stiff?

It’s possible that painting on clothes will make it rigid and unpleasant. Acrylic paints make painting on textiles simple. Sometimes, cloth painting makes the fabric stiff. Eventually, it is making the painted fabric object less desirable.

Are Fabric Paints Permanent?

Fabric paint is permanent paint that may be applied to any textile. The quality and lifespan of the painted regions, on the other hand, might be affected by the kind of cloth used. Although it may be used on any fabric, certain fibers will provide a more excellent finish.


There are various suggestions and products available in the market to do paint.  It provides the quality and color options to complement just about any project you have in mind. Some individuals found this paint to be a little thick.

So, depending on your application technique, you may need to soften it with water a little.

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