Is Acrylic Paint Dishwasher Safe? (Expert’s Take)

Acrylic artwork is a unique drawing method and acrylic paint is a versatile material that may be used to create a variety of images. It’s a fast and easy-drying, color-based, and liquid-based solution that works well on a variety of media, including linen, canvas, ceilings, and a variety of other materials.

However, is acrylic paint dishwasher safe?

 Whenever it relates to acrylic colors being dishwasher friendly, there are mainly two versions that we all see, unlike most of the other queries we have around acrylics. 

One is how you’re using acrylic pigments to make something like a porcelain mug dishwasher-proof so that the paint doesn’t rinse off. The other is premised on the reality that if you ever get acrylic paint on any surface by accident, you’ll rinse it off in the dishwasher. 

We’ll discuss all the necessary info in the post, and we’ve included a list of topics underneath to facilitate our viewers’ finding the answers they’re looking for. We decided that this was the best strategy to employ because the solutions to all queries are different.

Is Acrylic Paint Dishwasher Safe? 
Is Acrylic Paint Dishwasher Safe? 

Will acrylic paint wash off in the dishwasher?

Because acrylic paint has a watery base, it would not be dishwasher-friendly right out of the container. However, there are some convenient and simple procedures you could follow to ensure it is dishwasher ready. 

When using any finishing chemical to probably lock the pigment in, the inexpensive colors, which are generally only about $5 less than the excellent kits, can have complications. This causes the pigment to disappear fast, as well as the gloss to crumble or peel, producing issues if using your acrylic-coloured decorated goods in the dishwasher. 

Will acrylic paint wash off in the dishwasher?
Will acrylic paint wash off in the dishwasher?

Applying acrylic primer to the object you’re going to paint, letting it sit prior to the painting process is an excellent option. After painting is done, following the application of the sealant solution, the pigment will be locked into the object you’ve coated and a watertight layer will be created, making it dishwasher friendly. 

Sometimes even after sealing the acrylic paint, baking the painted kitchen utensils in the microwave could give you a more satisfactory result to make it dishwasher safe. Just make sure to follow the proper procedure while baking your favorite dish with acrylic paint on them.

However, there are a plethora of acrylic color sealing chemicals on the market. They do not function very well with moisture since they also have water as a base.

Is acrylic paint dishwasher safe? (On a Glass)

Acrylic colors may be used on many different textures or objects, including glassware. Enamel color is great for acrylic painting on glassware because it is resilient and sticks well to flat objects. These colors are compatible with glassware. 

The glass must be carefully prepared before coating with acrylics. Ensure the crystal surface is free of grime, grit, and grease. You can even apply a primer to ensure that the color sticks well to the glassware.

Is acrylic paint on glass dishwashers safe?
Is acrylic paint on glass dishwashers safe?

 However, you can coat the object with sealant or gloss to improve the lifespan of the object that is tarnished even when washing the painted glass in the dishwasher. The pigment will immediately wipe off in the dishwashing machine if it hasn’t been coated with sealant properly onto the glass surface you would like to wash. 

However, the fact is that acrylic pigments have water as a base, which is quite easy to rinse with water, even after they have dried. So soaking your acrylic painted glasses for a long time in warm water is not a good option for washing. Also try to avoid scraping and scrubbing on the glassware before putting them in the dishwasher..

How do you make acrylic-painted glass dishwashers safe?

  • Make sure your glassware is clean when you begin work with acrylic on crystal. Rinse the glass surface using warm water and detergent, then dry it before wiping it with adhesive remover or white vinegar and allowing it to dry naturally. 
  • Apply a coating of gesso to the glassware where you’ll be painting. It will make it easier for the pigment to adhere to the crystal.
  • Before drawing on glassware, dilute the paint or use a flowing color. If you’re still worried about the color staying on the glass, you can use Liquitex Acrylic Crystal Solution to thin it out. This mixture should be premixed with the pigment at a proportion of 10% color to 90% media. The Liquitex medium can be heated as well. 
  • A creator’s smooth fur, artificial, or wire brush is a suitable option for acrylic drawing on glass since they are intended to carry more paint than some other sorts of brushes. Make sure the acrylic color you’re using is suitable for the medium you’re working on.
  •  Acrylic can be applied to glass, although it may not adhere well. Acrylic latex paints, which were clearly tailored as skin-safe or food-safe decorating acrylics for a variety of glass objects, are the finest acrylic colors. 
  • Acrylic art on glassware can be sealed and protected in two ways: with a specific setting or by baking it. Most aesthetic items can be coated, but you need to bake a glassware item if you want it to be dishwashing safe.

Is acrylic Paint on a Ceramic dishwasher safe?

Normally there are two types of ceramic products which are used for serving food and drinks in our normal household.  The first one glazed porcelain or ceramic is formed from pottery that has also been fired earlier than porcelain glazes are placed and the work is fired a second time at an elevated altitude.

Is acrylic Paint on a Ceramic dishwasher safe?
Is acrylic Paint on a Ceramic dishwasher safe?

Can you seal acrylic paint on glazed ceramic?

Acrylics have weak adherence to glazed ceramics, and scratching with your nail is possible. This is why we don’t advocate repainting on glazed ceramics, even tiles because the color won’t adhere permanently and will peel easily. You can’t put these products in the dishwasher. Though some expensive acrylic paints are available in the market which are exclusively made to use on glazed ceramic.  

Unglazed Ceramics

But in case of unglazed ceramic adheration between the acrylic paint and the surface is far better than glazed ones. If you’re going to draw on a glazed ceramic pot or other object using acrylic paint, you’ll want to be sure it’s dishwasher safe. Because acrylic color is water-based, it will flake if it is added to moisture or humidity regularly or for a longer duration.

So after completing your artwork on your ceramic mugs apply two or three layers of food safe sealant properly. Make sure to dry the object properly before applying the second layer.  

Now, can you put ceramics with acrylic color on them in the dishwasher? Yes. However, you must bake your coloured ceramic-based objects beforehand to ensure that the paint doesn’t crumble, and rinse it as little as feasible. 

If you’re looking to put something with acrylics in the dishwasher, do so only once in a while .To ensure the ceramic is washable, let it cure for at least 2-4 hrs before sealing or roasting it.

How do you paint with acrylic on ceramic mugs & plates to make it dishwasher safe?

The majority of acrylic paints are appropriate for use on mugs or plates. Spray adhesive can also be used. However, oil-based acrylic colors should not be cured in an oven for potential dangers.

How do you paint with acrylic on ceramic mugs and plates to make it dishwasher safe?
How do you paint with acrylic on ceramic mugs and plates to make it dishwasher safe?

Make sure to clean the surface of your ceramic objects thoroughly before applying the acrylic. Use a clean dust free proper size paint brush. If any dust residue is present on the surface or paint brushes, the pigment will not properly stick and it will easily wash off in the dishwasher. 

Before purchasing the paint you must consider that the pigment must be suitable to use in the microwave and non-toxic. Drying and curing the surface of the product properly between each coat is very essential. This process will ensure the paint will not easily peel off from the outside if you put it in the dishwasher.

How to seal acrylic paint on Ceramic to make it dishwasher safe?

However, continuous cleaning may cause the paint to fade off, so you should take some measures to seal the paint.

How to seal acrylic paint on Ceramic to make it dishwasher safe?
How to seal acrylic paint on Ceramic to make it dishwasher safe?
  • You must thermally dry the color to adhere it to a ceramic surface. You should put in the oven the coloured item rather than allowing it to air dry, then finish it with a liquid polyurethane gloss, clear acrylic finish, or inclusions podge. 
  • The best choice for making dishware is to use an oven. You could also finish your job securely in a regular oven. However, you can choose any type of waterproof sealer you like, as long as it’s dishwasher safe. There are numerous alternatives available. Some are sprayable, while others must be applied with brushes. 
  • Use a transparent sealer on the coloured area after drying the acrylic in the ovens and leaving the subject to cool. Use toxic-free acrylic color in the ceramic area. 
  • You might use spray cans or your finger to build models. Allow the first layer to dry before pouring the next. Allow at least overnight for the pigment to cure before roasting the piece.
  • It is strongly advised that the painted item be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours before putting it in the oven. A tiny amount of clear acrylic might be used. 
  • Ceramics must be warmed slowly or they will shatter. Never put the coloured ceramic in a preheated oven to prevent damage. In a cool oven, place your decorated ceramic item.

Can you bake glass and ceramic utensils with acrylic paint? 

Let’s get right to the point here and address this query. You’ll need to understand how to prepare a painted cup initially. Which are using a clear sealer on the coloured surface after drying the acrylic in the oven and letting the cup dry.

Can you bake glass and ceramic utensils with acrylic paint? 
Can you bake glass and ceramic utensils with acrylic paint? 
  • Ceramics can be baked, but this is not always the case. Ceramic plates are only regarded as food-safe if they have been fired in a furnace. Only oven-safe porcelain plates should be used. This implies they can resist thermal gradients and won’t burn in a hot oven. It’s all down to a particular finish that’s applied to specific porcelain plates.
  •  The glaze protects the dish from both heat and moisture. It does, however, come at a significant expense. As a result, oven-safe porcelain plates normally cost more than non-oven-safe ceramic plates. So get the pricey ceramics and use acrylic paint to decorate them.
  •  Acrylic paint sticks to spongy and absorbing objects. However, Acrylic adheres to glass or ceramics, if the surface is properly primered. But let it cure first. To ensure that the acrylic stays on your ceramic object, you must dry it and employ the baking procedure.
  • All acrylic paints are usually bakeable, so you can use them in your ovens to roast a glass or ceramic item. Decorative Arts Enamel Colors or Liquitex Expert Medium Body Acrylic Colors are the finest quality bakeable acrylic colors.
  • To heat a ceramic item with bakeable acrylic, you shouldn’t need a specific tool! It’s something you can do alone. In your household, you could use a regular oven.
  • Acrylic paint can be baked on pottery plates and mugs. There are two key choices: Use a furnace or an oven to dry the paint. The time taken to bake pottery in a kiln is substantially longer than it takes to bake it in a furnace.

Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

1. Is enamel acrylic paint dishwasher safe?

Washable enamel color is either oil-soluble or lacquer-soluble. Since they withstand water and decay, they’re great for timber floors and outdoor tasks. Acrylic enamels, a type of water-soluble enamel color that isn’t water-resistant, have just been introduced. FolkArt enamel paints are dishwasher safe after drying and can be used on either glass or ceramics. The drying time for an enamel layer of paint is longer than for an acrylic color finish.

2. What paint do you use for dishes?

Ceramic color pens are also excellent for subtle shading work. These colors are suitable for use on ceramic utensils and last longer than most enamel paints. Other substances, such as crystals, can also be painted with specific pigments. They’re usually prominently branded for cleanliness and include guidelines on how to use them. It can only be washed, according to the producers.


That concludes our discussion of whether the acrylic color is washable or not. We believe we were able to assist you in properly protecting whatever painting you have put on dinnerware or mugs with a sealant to make them dishwasher-friendly.

If the acrylic pigments you own are properly stored, they can endure for years if treated right, even if rinsed in the dishwasher once every week.

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