Can you Use Acrylic Paint on Skin? Clear Doubts with the Most Accurate Answer

Many people have a wrong notion in their minds that using acrylic paint on the skin is not harmful. They search for terms like “can you use acrylic paint on skin” all over the web. However, if you are thinking of applying acrylic paint on the skin then it is a big no from our side. But, we can use acrylic paint on different work art which includes wood or on the wall. 

Can you use acrylic paint on skin?
Can you use acrylic paint on skin?

However, using acrylic paint on bare hands is dangerous. Acrylic paint affects someone’s skin strongly, some weakly, and to someone not at all. It mainly depends on the sensitivity of one’s skin. 

Some acrylic pigments are toxic. The artists are always advised to wear gloves before any work with acrylic paint. It has also been noticed that applying acrylic paint on the skin directly causes burning sensation and irritation.

The global paint and coating industry has progressed a lot in the last decades. The entire volume of the paint and coating industry has amounted to ten billion gallons in 2018. It is anticipated that the painting and coating industry will flourish and earn 179 billion dollars by 2025.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Skin?

Well, the short answer is No. You can’t really use Acrylic paint on skin, as it is not suitable for that purpose.

It’s a fact that a little exposure to the paint will not create much problem but it is always advisable to stay away from acrylic paint. Some people are prone to allergies to acrylic paint.

So, if you want to examine your skin, then take a little bit of acrylic paint and apply it to your skin. If you can feel the burning sensation then wash it quickly. However, the toxicity of the paint varies from gender, age, and endurance power. 

acrylic paint on skin

The chemical makeup is harmful to our skin. The main ingredients present in chemical makeup are preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, etc. These are toxic to our skin. That is why people think that acrylic paint is safe. Though the paint is easy to wash off once it gets dried then it is difficult to get rid of it. You need to peel off the paint. Peeling off will irritate your skin. This irritation can lead to different kinds of skin diseases later on.

The paint is tested and it proves different results to different persons. Some acrylic brands have certain types of chemicals which might create irritation to certain people. It would be better if the paint came in contact with your skin for a short period. 

To sum up, we must say that we should not allow the paint to harden while using on skin as it becomes difficult for the skin to breathe properly. Though Cosmetic grade pigments are a little bit pricey, these are quite safe to use on skin.

Is it safe to apply Acrylic paint on my face?

The face’s skin is more sensitive than to the other parts of the body. 

If you are thinking of applying acrylic paint to your skin then it is better to do it at your own risk. First, the paint contains lots of toxic elements which are very harmful to your skin. The toxic elements are cadmium, cobalt, chromium, and lead. Applying these chemicals is not at all good. 

In some bottles, they are labeled as “non-toxic”. That doesn’t mean those are non-toxic for your skin. It is strictly no for your skin. Moreover, after drying up the paint, it gets stiff.

acrylic paint on face

There is no ventilation and air can go through. Naturally, your skin will also feel suffocated. Don’t play with your skin. However, adults can handle the risks of the paint but it is not recommended to use for babies.

Some painting companies advertise acrylic paint with the models. In this case, they had to retouch the models every twenty to twenty-five minutes. Now, the models can’t sit still. They are moving. The skin is flexible but the paint is certainly not. The worst part is it is very difficult to wash the acrylic paint.

The paint entirely attaches to your skin and hair. So, you need to mask it off and naturally, all the hairs will also come out. It can have adverse effects on your scalp. Why take risks with your skin? You can use other paints and better leave the acrylic one, especially on your skin. 

The other paints include cosmetic-grade pigments. Cosmetic grade particles are free cadmium cobalt like harmful chemicals. They come in both organic and inorganic versions. So they are safe to use on the face and skin. Modern water-based paints maintain the rules and regulations as prescribed by the stringent guidelines.

Best Paint to use which is safe on baby skin

 Zenovika face pain

The Baby’s skin is tender and soft. Any toxic element can prove to be fatal for the baby’s skin. However, you have to be sure the paint which you are using on your baby’s face is free from toxic elements or not. The paint should be water-based. Many physicians also recommend ink. It is less risky for the baby’s skin. One of the best paints is Zenovika face paint.

91jiY3s0oLL. AC SL1500


  • It is free from chemicals and safe to use. Only cosmetic products are used.
  • The face paint includes 15 vibrant colors. It gives good coverage. It also possesses two chalk hair colors and 2 sponges. 
  • It is effortless to use as it is water-based just like watercolor paints.
  • The paint dries soon and is simple to discard with soapy warm water or baby wipes.

Best Paint to use which is safe on adult skin

UCANBE 20 Color Athena Face Body Paint Oil

Adults can go for other brands for the safety of their skin. However, one can use UCANBE 20 Color Athena Face Body Paint Oil. It is safe and good for your skin.

71ZzIs2KSYL. AC SL1500


  • This paint is perfect for all types of skin. There are no complaints of any skin diseases.
  • It is an oil-based paint so it is effortless to remove from your skin. With the help of lotion, you can remove it.
  • The paint is waterproof and provides a long-lasting effect. It also gives a unique look design on the skin.
  • The face paint has 20 vibrant and bright colors.

Things to Consider before Applying Acrylic Paint on Skin

Before applying acrylic paint to your skin it is better to take some precautions. Use proper nitrile  gloves while painting.

Try to use moisturizer or lotion before the application. It will help to soften your skin. Moreover, it will be easier for you to remove the paint from your skin. 

You should also avoid the paint on the close contact of eyes, mouth, and lungs. You should not eat or drink anything while painting. It is because accidental ingestion might occur. It will prove to be fatal. 

Moreover, it is advisable to rinse the brush thoroughly after applying the paint. You should never keep the paint dry on the brush. The dried acrylic paint on the brush can lead to some harmful chemical reactions.

Wash your hands nicely after using the paint.

How to remove acrylic paint from the skin?

As acrylic paint dries quickly, it strongly resists while pulling it off. It can’t be washed by normal soap water or mild detergent. It would be better if you apply baby oil and water to the skin. Wait for a while. Rub gently the oil and alcohol in your skin. After that, with the help of your nail, try to scrap. It will help the acrylic paint to come out easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get your questions answered here:

1. Does acrylic paint come off skin?

Answer: Acrylic paint dries in less than five minutes. So, if you do not remove the paint instantly from the skin, it can be difficult to pull off. Take some oil and alcohol. Rub it gently and apply it to your painted region. After applying you have to wait for a few minutes. Slowly the paint will come out. After that, take a shower.

2. Which paint is used for mime?

Answer: Ben Nye Clown White Makeup can be used for mime. It is perfect for all skin types. The main ingredient present here is zinc oxide. The facial expression comes clear in this paint.


It is great that you have read the entire article. Acrylic paint is best for painting in t-shirts or any dress. However, if you are planning to use it in your skin then you need to take some precautions. These precautions will help you to deal with acrylic paint in the future.

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