Can you Bake Acrylic Paint in the Oven? Know the Right Answer for Sure

It is the hobby of many people to spend their time in arts and crafts. With the help of acrylic paint, people paint on glass plates, ceramic mugs, flower vases, clay planters, etc. In fact, the market for acrylic painting has increased with a CAGR of 5.5% in last one decade.

But, can you bake acrylic paint in the oven?

The short answer is Yes. You can bake acrylic paint in the oven effortlessly. In fact, if you do so, you will get an amazing finish. However, you need to take some safety measures while baking acrylic paint in the oven. The temperature should be kept at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a safe distance while baking.

Can You Bake Acrylic Paint in the Oven

One thing you need to know that the acrylic paint is not good for the skin, so using gloves while baking it in the oven will be the best idea. 

Can You Bake Acrylic Paint in The Oven for Real?

Yes, of course, you can bake acrylic paint in the oven. The main thing that you have to do is to let the paint cure by air drying for at least three weeks. 

In case of glass materials make sure to wrap the glass with a parchment paper for proper safety before putting it into the oven. Keep the glass in the cool oven and turn the oven knob to 350 degrees for preheating. When the oven temperature reaches up to the desired temperature, wait for several minutes. The painted glass will be warmed up.

You should keep the paint dry for at least 60 minutes. This procedure will make the acrylic design more long lasting. After putting the plate in a cool oven, start baking it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for at least 40 minutes for proper heating. Turn off the oven.  Acrylic paint has a high temperature endurance capacity. So for proper cooling you can easily leave the glass for 15 to 20 minutes  in the oven after baking.

You can use  CRAFTS 4 ALL ACRYLIC PAINT SET (PACK OF 24) for on glass and ceramic surfaces.


  • It has the proper consistency for blending and texturizing on plates. 
  • This nontoxic set of paint is perfect for beginners with a diverse range of long lasting colour varieties.

For many critical parts of your ceramic cups  you can choose ARTISTRO PAINT PEN SET. It helps in fine lining and detailing work on curved objects. If you want a smooth blending as well as fast drying property  you can go for CALIART ACRYLIC PAINT SET (24 COLOURS). This paint set has a high quality and rich pigmented color which can work on a variety of surfaces.

Note: If you put any glass or ceramic product straight into a preheated oven there is a chance of breaking and cracking. So always try to put your ceramic in a cool oven and  bake it at a slower rate.

What popular material surfaces can you bake with acrylic paint on them?

We have a notion that painting means big canvas and being a great painter. It is always not like that. With the help of acrylic paint, we can use it on any popular material surface. 

We can show our creativity with acrylic paint on wood, canvas, paper, skin, ceramic, metal, stone, wall, etc. Among all these, we can say that canvas is the best medium for you to show your creativity. 

If you are painting in ceramic glass, then you have to perform the four steps which are drying, glazing, heating, and curing. These steps will keep your acrylic paint a permanent look. As acrylic paint dries up quickly so there is no need to wait for long.

How to Bake Acrylic Paint in the Oven

I have already answer the question (can you bake acrylic paint in the oven?), but I think this article will be incomplete if you don’t mention the correct process of doing so. So here I will explain how to bake acrylic paint in the oven correctly so that you don’t face any troubles. But before thta, you need to keep some things into consideration.

Things to Consider Before Baking Acrylic Paint on Oven

If you have decided in your mind that you are going to bake acrylic paint in the oven then you should keep some of the important points in your mind. Those are stated below.

  • The first thing which you should not ignore is to check the labels on the product, such as ceramic or glass. After checking you have to get assured whether they are oven proof or not. Those which are not oven-proof will crack after baking. Moreover, the product can also release hazardous chemicals.
  • As we know that acrylic paint is of two types. Those are water-based and chemical-based. It is always advisable that you should use water-based acrylic paint. It is far better than any other chemical-based acrylic paint. The chemical-based paints are toxic and produce fumes during baking.
  • You have to be sure that the acrylic paint is completely dry before putting it in the oven. If you heat the paint over 90 degrees in the liquid damp stage, then it will split forming bubbles and blisters.
  • You should apply sealant after drying the paint. It will help you in securing the paint after baking.
  • It is advisable to avoid the home oven. The paint can release harmful and toxic chemicals. It can create adverse effects.

Acrylic paint can be baked and it gives you an awesome result. Generally, we use acrylic paint on ceramic and glass. 

How do you Bake Acrylic Paint on Ceramic Mug or Plate?

Crafters and artists both use acrylic paint. We often wonder if it is possible to bake acrylic paint on ceramic mugs or plates. Yes, we can. Follow the steps.

  • Keep the ceramic mug or plate to dry for at least 24 hours after painting . Touch the ceramic mug and see whether it is coming out or not. If it is not coming out then it is properly shielded.
  • Now place the ceramic mug into a cold oven. Start heating. Be careful about the temperature so that it might not get cracked. Never keep the glass in the warm oven directly, it will give you an awful result.
  • Put the temperature at 360 degrees Fahrenheit and start to heat the plate or ceramic mug. Heat for 30 to 40 minutes. Not more than that.
  • Turn off the oven after 30 minutes. You should not use the baked items for 72 hours. Give time to the ceramic mug to harden and cure properly.

How do you bake acrylic paint on glass?

Acrylic paint on wine glasses looks extraordinarily beautiful. However, the process is almost the same just like the ceramic mug.

  • You should be careful that your glass is completely dry. For better results give 24 hours to dry.
  • Now, place the glass in a cool oven.
  • Switch on the burner and set the temperature at 350 to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Bake the glass for half an hour.
  • After that, switch off the oven . Place it in sunlight and let it dry for a few hours.

You can watch this YouTube video. Here, you will have a great idea regarding the baking of acrylic paint. 

Can you bake polymer clay with acrylic paint on it?

 It is up to you. You can use acrylic paint before baking or after baking.. There are so many types of acrylic paint that you can use for polymer clay painting. However, when you are using acrylic paint on the polymer clay after baking, it would be better to heat set the acrylic by reapplying  it.

Can you bake polymer clay with acrylic paint on it 11zon

 You can re-bake for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you wish then you can opt for oil paints. But special techniques are needed to use oil paint. Different oil paints behave differently. One has to be careful in this matter. In the case of metals, they can withstand low temperatures. 

Some precautions you should take while applying acrylic paint on polymer clay. Always ensure that the clay is dried properly before painting. If you put acrylic on your half moist polymer clay pot, the clay  can slowly dehydrate during the painting process. As a result when you place the clay in the oven you might observe some wild pores and bubbles present on the clay surface. 

There is a chance that your polymer clay plates might crack even after an appropriate baking process. Make sure to maintain the temperature above 160 degrees Fahrenheit while curing the clay otherwise your clay plate will not be qualified for household use or applying acrylic paint. It happens because the clay without proper curing is very weak and breakable. Sometimes the clay brand also plays a vital role in this case. The brittleness of the clay varies from brand to brand.

Advantages of Baking acrylic paint onto clay, glass, or ceramic

There are lots of advantages to baking acrylic paint onto clay, glass, and ceramic. It helps in forming a strong bond with the surface of the clay. This way, it can prevent the paint from chipping or peeling in the upcoming days. 

  • The first thing is that the acrylic paint is permanent after baking. It will not be fed up with time. The color will be there forever if you apply proper sealant and glazing. 
  • Another advantage of baking acrylic paint onto clay, glass, or ceramic is that it is also beneficial if you wish to coat with different layers of different shades. The drying time of the paint gets reduced as you bake the acrylic painted surface of the object.
  • The best thing is that the paint decreases the curing time.
  • It is also great as it minimizes the actual job of painting.
  • Last but not least, acrylic paint escalates the production rate of painting if one has to deal with considerable products at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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1. Can you put acrylic paint in the microwave?

Answer: Yes, you can put acrylic paint in the microwave. Acrylic paint, as well as enamel, responds very well in the microwave. Another reason is if acrylic paint gets hardened, in three or five seconds, it will be softened. You will get the molten acrylic paint. 

2. Is acrylic paint toxic when heated?

Answer: The water-based acrylic paint will not be toxic when heated. However, every product is not water-based. So, before purchasing you need to check out all the ingredients. Those acrylic paints that are not water-based can become toxic.

3. Is acrylic paint dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, you can use FOLKART GLOSS FINISH ACRYLIC PAINT on the dishwasher. It is safe after proper curing and drying. However, if you have painted any ceramic cup with acrylic paint then it is recommended not to place directly on the dishwasher. Now, you need to wait for three days at least to get the promising outcome. You can also apply any food safe acrylic paint mentioned in their label. Another option is to apply a proper waterproof sealant after baking for making the paint more long lasting.

4. What temperature can acrylic paint withstand?

Answer: Acrylic paint can withstand high temperatures. However, the normal room temperature is 50 Fahrenheit to 65 Fahrenheit. This temperature is ideal to keep the acrylic paint safe. 


Thankfully, you have read the entire article and get the answer of your question i.e. “can you bake acrylic paint in the oven”. We have discussed detailed information regarding acrylic paint. If you have a strong desire to bake acrylic paint in the oven then you should take all the safety measures.

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