Is Acrylic Paint Rainproof? (Expert’s Best Take)

Acrylic paints, as we all know, are very versatile in nature as they can be used for a variety of crafts. Nowadays acrylic paints are being used outdoors very often, as they are usually very tough when dried out and so they are safe to be used outdoors as well. 

While using acrylic paints outdoors, many  users have the query, is acrylic paint rainproof?  So we would like to answer this question in a compact manner by saying that acrylic paints are not fully waterproof but they can be made to act in that manner by using a primer as we have discussed before.

Is Acrylic Paint Rainproof?
Is Acrylic Paint Rainproof?

Once the paint has dried out it won’t be harmed by rain, but it would be a good idea if you use an extra product to make it rainproof like the varnish, for example. Varnish is basically an acrylic rainproofing agent which is glossy in nature. This primer has the properties of locking in color so that they can be shielded from any harm.

Is Acrylic Paint Rainproof?

As discussed before, actually paint is not rainproof in nature.

After application of an acrylic paint they tend to dry up really fast but they’re certainly not rainproof. Acrylic paints are basically a water based paint and so they can easily be washed off when brought in contact with rain.

But if you want to make your acrylic paint rainproof you may have to seal it with the help of a primer. Your paints when used outdoors won’t get spoiled easily. To avoid any kinds of damage on the painted items, water resistant primer such as a varnish is a good option. 

Also it is very important to know whether the acrylic paint is waterproof because if you know well about the products you will be able to determine whether it is absolutely necessary to use varnish after you are done painting. 

Also if you do not want to use any varnish you can always purchase a high end rainproof acrylic paint which is more durable and provides you with the water resistant property that you were looking for. 

Is exterior acrylic paint Rain Proof or Waterproof?

If you are using exterior acrylic paints you might be coming across promises from the brand that these paints are rainproof. but you must keep in mind that they are not completely rainproof and with the passage of time these paints will fade away. 

So it is very necessary that you use a varnish so that they can be protected from the rain and all other factors like UV rays  that may deteriorate your artwork made with these acrylic paints. 

The most basic difference between exterior acrylic paints and normal acrylic paints is that outdoor acrylic paints are more durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions better than the basic paints.

Things To Consider Before Using Acrylic Paint outdoor

Before you think of using acrylic paint outdoors you must consider the durability of the product before you purchase it. As you will be using them outdoors, the durability of the paint should be your top priority.

Things To Consider Before Using Acrylic Paint outdoor
Things To Consider Before Using Acrylic Paint outdoor

Also choose a high quality product that will not wear out soon, as outdoor paints are anyway very expensive. Also you must choose a paint that is weather resistant in nature. Now we will answer some of the most common questions related to outdoor acrylic paints:

Is acrylic paint rainproof on clothes?

Acrylic paint can dry up very fast and are usually rainproof when dried. But as time passes these paints tend to crack and chip off from fabric, leaving your artwork looking distorted. 

So if you want to make the painted area rainproof it is best that you first check the material of your fabric and then choose the acrylic paint compatible with it. 

Also if you are choosing to use a basic acrylic paint, you must combine it with a good fabric medium. Using fabric medium on the tainted piece of cloth ensures that the paint has been locked on the fabric and it does not get spoiled when brought in contact with rain.

Is acrylic paint rainproof on rocks?

Rock painting has been gaining huge popularity these days and painters are using acrylic paints for their stone painted artworks these days. 

But is paint rainproof on rocks? Well, the answer to that would be no, they aren’t.If you want to make your painted rock stay intact, you may have to use a sealant over the painted rock to make them durable and long lasting.

Using a good rainproof sealant also protects the painted surface from the harsh weather conditions which may otherwise destroy the painted surface.

Is acrylic paint rainproof on concrete?

You can paint on any kind of concrete with the help of latex acrylic paints. As acrylic paints are very durable, they can be used on concrete surfaces very easily.

When used on concrete surfaces, acrylic paints leave behind a semi-transparent finish, only if they have penetrated in the concrete surface.

As concrete surfaces are subjected to different kinds of harsh conditions like heavy storms, using expensive rainproof acrylic paints for painting on them is ideal. But if you want to seal the paintwork you must use concrete varnish on the surface to make them rain-proof.

Is acrylic paint rainproof on wood?

Acrylic paint being a versatile paint is great to be used on wood, but they are not rainproof in nature. To make it long lasting and rainproof you keep in mind certain things. 

First, before you start using paint on the wooden surface make sure that you are sanding and cleaning the wooden surface thoroughly. After you are done cleaning the surface properly apply a coating of good quality primer all over the wooden surface.

After the primer dries up you can then start with the painting procedure. When you feel that you are satisfied with the result of your painting, you must wait till the paint has completely dried out. Up next, you will have to apply varnish to make it completely rainproof.

Is acrylic paint rainproof on glass?

The simplest answer to that would be, no acrylic paints are not rainproof on glass. Although using acrylic paints on your outdoor crafts made of glass is the best choice, as acrylic paints are very vibrant, durable and versatile in nature yet they are not rainproof. 

So properly sealing the acrylic paint on glass is very important to make it weather resistant. You can make the painted surface rainproof by applying a polymer based varnish on the painted surface or by baking the acrylic paint on glass.

How to seal acrylic paint for outdoor use to make it rainproof?

Acrylic paint can be used on different materials for outdoor crafts for example wood, fabric, glass, concrete metal etc. The acrylic paint on different material surfaces will dry up differently and also react differently when it is in contact with rain.

So Sealing the painted surface is a very essential step especially when the painted surface is to remain outdoors. As these painted surfaces are very prone to be subjected to harsh weather conditions, it is absolutely necessary to seal the paint with the help of a  polyacrylic or any other sealer. 

For every material the sealing process is very distinct from each other as discussed above. For making acrylic paint on cloth rainproof a good quality fabric medium should be mixed with acrylic paint in proper ratio before painting with it.

How to seal acrylic paint for outdoor use to make it rainproof?
How to seal acrylic paint for outdoor use to make it rainproof?

For wood make sure that the surface is completely clean and dry and is devoid of any kind of dust ordered so that the sealer can be applied on a uniform surface. Then apply the sealer uniformly with a brush or roller. Let it dry for at least 3 hours.

Next you must use sandpaper to smoothen out the surface. Once the surface has smoothened out you can go forward and use the  second layer of polyurethane. 

For rock, concrete and glass prime the surface with a good quality weather resistant primer. Also you can opt for an expensive rainproof acrylic paint. But when the paint gets dried completely varnish the artwork with a good quality sealant. 

But for glass baking the acrylic paint on glass surface and varnishing them with a sealant will make the painting more long lasting in rain.

Some General Tips and Tricks For Sealing the Acrylic Paint on Different Surfaces

  • The surface needs to be wrinkle free uniform and dust free before applying the paint or primer.
  • While applying two or three quotes of sealer make sure to dry the entire surface properly (at least for three to four  hours) in between every application of the sealant.
  • While applying the sealer you must go on with uniform strokes and make sure that there is no uneven lump or build up on any part of the painting.
  • Always apply very thin coats of the sealer by using a brush or a roller.  
  • For wood make sure to repeat the process of letting it dry out, smoothing the surface and applying the polyurethane sealer at least three times before you achieve the best results. You must remember that a polyurethane may take up to 21 days to completely dry out after the application.

How Does Varnish Help to Make Acrylic Painting Rainproof?

You must have understood by now that using acrylic paint on the surface alone cannot make the artwork weather resistant. So to achieve the best results and to make the surface rainproof you are to use a varnish or a sealer. 

But how exactly does varnish help to make the acrylic painting rainproof? Basically varnish is made up of resin,solvent,oil and dryers, which are mixed in the perfect proportion giving rise to the perfect varnish for your paintings. 

How Does Varnish Help to Make Acrylic Painting Rainproof?
How Does Varnish Help to Make Acrylic Painting Rainproof?

You must know that oil and resin are repellent to water which does not let water to sit on the surface of your painting. Also the dryers present in the varnish make the painted surface very tough and resistant to water. 

When all of these ingredients are mixed together a perfect varnish is prepared which acts like a water resistant protector for your painted surface. 

Is acrylic paint rainproof after it dries? 

As discussed above, acrylic paints are not rainproof for crafts, but are somewhat partially water resistant when dried out completely. 

Acrylic paints do not get completely washed off by water, when they come in contact, but they slowly get washed away and the color gets lighter with every wash. Also they may get chipped away if there is a greater force of water, in the washing machine or heavy storm maybe, for example. 

So if you want to protect the acrylic painted surface make sure you prep the surface with a primer, apply the paint coat and then finally seal the surface with the help of a rainproof paint sealer.

What paint is rainproof for crafts? 

Some varieties of acrylic paints are available in the market that claim to be water resistant, but are not completely rainproof. With the gradual contact of water, these paints lose their brightness with every wash. Also oil paints and outdoor acrylic paints like Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint and  Magicfly Outdoor Acrylic Paint are much more water resistant and can be used for outdoor artworks very easily.


So by now you must have understood that though there are many brands of acrylic paints available in the market that claim to be rain-proof they are basically partially water resistant in nature. 

So, if you are interested in making the painted surface rain proof, first prepare the surface with a primer, then paint the surface and after that always remember that it is a must to use a rain proof sealant or varnish.

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